Wardrobe architect week 4

The Wardrobe ArchitectToday's Wardrobe Architect post is about figuring out the proportions and silhouettes I feel most comfortable in. Sarai's assignment for us is to assemble 5 to 10 uniform formulas that fit the preferences we identified with our previous assignments. Mine were bold, dark, comfortable, laid back clothes that strike a balance between feminine and masculine. We have to look at the big picture and see what silhouettes we are attracted to and which ones flatter or enhance our proportions. 

Here is what I came up with by using Polyvore.

God I love these outfits! Doing this assignment has really inspired me and boosted my confidence. I thought I was clueless when it came to making outfits, but I can see I have been progressing.

The top row features summer-spring outfits while the bottom rows are all about cold weather ensembles. I adored using Polyvore to create this collection : I made it extra personnal by using pictures of items that are already in my wardrobe, like the polka dot keds, the leather lapel blazer, the Steve Madden boots and those darling red sandals! As you can see, skirts aren't making an appearance in my closet: that's because I have no clue how to wear them! I might try a few next time I shop with a friend, just to see how they would look on me. I'd love to learn to wear them! I think my choice of garments for this collection also says a little bit about my colour preferences... but we'll leave that for my next post!

Please share your own silhouette collection: i'd love to what you came up with!

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  1. Hey Rox, they're great collections! That red dress is super cute isn't it? The fabric I've got in mind for it isn't red though..... It's great you've felt like I have - this project has helped me to confirm what I should and shouldn't be making or buying!