The Mykonos dress

Meet Gary, our pink flamingo.
 A few years ago, when I decided I might want to start sewing, I went online after my first encounter with an invisible zipper and cryptic instructions. While perusing around for information and tutorials, I stumbled upon loads of awesome sewing blogs that just blew me away. I was instantly hooked: seeing so many talented and creative people flaunt their creations encouraged me to dive right into the wild world of clothes making. Many of these blogs were a huge source of inspiration, even when I didn't have the time to sew. They kept my motivation up, made me learn a lot and kept my creative juices flowing. Amongst all of these wonderful blogs, one had me anticipating each and every post: the Sew Weekly. It featured one ambitious blogger, Mena, who dared to make a dress a week... Each week, I couldn't wait for the big reveal and I was always delighted to see what Mena made. When the formula changed and Mena was joined by Debi, Adey, Sarah and Veronica, I loved it even more! Then, the last big shift in the Sew Weekly opened it up and made it accessible to any blogger, which led to my "discovery" of dozens of new sewists and bloggers. Needless to say, I felt The Sew Weekly was the bees knees.

So you can imagine my surprise and disappointment when I learned the whole thing was over. After a big new year's theme, the site was not updated. No new challenges were being announced and nothing changed on the website. For months I checked it, hoping for an update but, alas, it never happened... Until a few weeks ago, when Mena and the gang decided to have a reunion. I had never participated in any of the challenges for lack of time, but I was set on not missing my last chance. So here it is, my first and only contribution to the Sew Weekly.

The Mykonos dress

 The Facts
  • Fabric: mykonos blue linen and blue rayon
  • Pattern: Cambie dress from Sewaholic (won in a giveaway)
  • Year: comtemporary
  • Notions: thread (stash) and fusible interfacing
  • First worn: not worn yet: just finished!
  • Wear again?: Will see... probably during hot summer months
  • Total price: about 25$
Please don't mind the wrinkles! It's linen!
This was my second Cambie: the first one had a gathered skirt while this one was a simple A-line with pockets. This is probably the last of the "summer" clothing I'll be making this year and autumn is creeping up. I had originally wanted a lightweight linen dress for scorching humid days of august. I found this adorable mykonos blue linen at my local fabric shop. It looks lighter in the pictures, but trust me, its a dead ringer for the Pantone color!

As you may remember from my last post, I had started this dress a while ago, but ran into a few problems like the darts and seams not lining up on the first (few) attempts. In the end, everything worked out and all that was left was to finish the sleeves and hem it. This took me all afternoon today as I constantly made adjustments and tried the dress on.
Can you tell I can't take a picture to save my life?

I made a few adjustments to the pattern: I took the bust darts in a little more for added definition in the waist and, for some reason, took in the underarm for one side of the dress (I know, weird, right?). Next time, I think I'll probably make a simple skirt without the pockets. I don't find them necessary anyways. I love how it looks, but the linen is really wrinkly. I can only blame myself for that, because I knew how this type of fabric behaves and bought it anyway. I just loved the color and could not resist! Live and learn I guess! I will be making more of this dress as it is really flattering. I plan on experimenting some more with fabric choices...

For me, finishing this is quite an accomplishment because I really had a limited amount of time since class has started again. I am proud I finished it, but I am not proud of how I finished it... Let's just say I won't take pictures of the insides of the beast! Oh well... since i'm not totally 100% in love with the thing, I can let it slide and try harder on my next attempt.
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see all the contributions for the reunion! What did you make for the occasion?


  1. What a great cambie! That color looks lovely on you. I also came to the sew weekly late and was so happy to have this reunion. :)

  2. A fabulous dress and the color is stunning! I've not tried the cambie but have seen so many lovely versions I might just give it a try.

  3. Super cute, Rox! This colour is smashing on you!

  4. Thanks! I want to try colours outside of my comfort zone that flatter me, but I still struggle with it... I'm pumped I finally got it right! :)

  5. I've seen a lot of Cambie dresses. I've intended to make them, but never have. Probably because I'll have to do a FBA adjustment that I'm scared of because the darts are curved. I've seen a lot of solid Cambies lately, and I actually like them more than the florals. I think your solid might be just the tipping point for me to get the Cambie into my sewing queue! I love the color and it looks lovely on you!

    1. Actually, I adjusted the bust darts on the fly... It wasn't all that hard: I fiddled around with it and it worked. I did take notes for my next attempt, when I'll be making proper pattern modifications (GULP!). Ooh, and thanks for the compliments!