Birthdays, garage sales and a contest

A glimpse of our birthday bash
...have all increased my sewing stash in no time flat!

This being the month of my birthday, I, like Julia Bobbin, indulge a little more in honor of growing a year older. First, I indulged in an INSANE amount of dessert when we held a shared birthday party with friends at our house. Because the month of may has us celebrating many friends' birthdays, this year me and my boyfriend decided to throw ourselves and some of our friends a joint birthday party. What can I say: it just seemed like the natural thing to do! I found some cute yet simple party decoration ideas on the web to add a more festive touch to our small apartment.  The guests brought yummy nibbles while my boyfriend and our friend Michel provided an wicked soudtrack for the shindig. Birthday boys and girls each chose a cake for someone to make. I had my dear friend Mélanie bake a classic Québec dessert : a "Reine Élisabeth" cake. It's basically a moist date cake oozing with a sweet brown sugar coconut sauce. Also on the menu: hazelnut meringue cake, Josie's decadent carrotcake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting as well as an Amaretto cheesecake I made. It was all so, SO good, and we had a blast: so much so I forgot to take pictures! 

Butterick 5898
McCalls 6657
Then, I also treated myself to three new patterns a few weeks ago, when I saw that McCalls and Butterick were having an online sale. I finally purchased the M6696 shirtdress after ogling it for months and snapped-up B5898, a jersey dress, as well as this M6557 coat pattern. Later that week, at my local fabric store, I also bought three Burda patterns, celadon blue linen and pale blue chambray to use with my new patterns. Again, they were all on sale, so it was a bargain. My parents also brought me some handwoven cashmerre merino wool blend tweed from their trip to Ireland. Already, this would be more than enough to content anyone... But did the birthday celebration end there? Hell no!

Gotta love garage sales...
I added even more patterns to my stash, thanks to my good friend Hani. She told me about a friend who was having a garage sale with vintage patterns... for 10 cents each! All in all, it cost me about 2$ for 15 patterns: 7 contemporary and 8 vintage. She had lots of choices, some dating back from the 50's, but most vintage patterns were too small for me. I could of bought the whole box- and believe me: I was tempted-, but decided I didn't need more patterns that didn't fit me. And then, I was fortunate enough to be the winner of one of Sew retro's fabulous giveaway. Someone up there must love me, because I won a Cambie dress, which I have been wanting to purchase for a long time. Big thanks to them again for the win.

The list:

Burda: 7135, 7062, 7069
McCalls: 6657, 5525
Butterick: 5898
Simplicity: 4498, 2846,
Simplicity Project Runway: 2812, 2922
New look: 6178, 6509
Vintage: Simplicity 2135 and 4448, Weldons 287 and 379, Advance 2824
Indie: Cambie pattern from Sewaholic

This added-up to a whopping 22 new patterns in my sewing librairy. Yes. I now officially have enough patterns and sewing books to proudly say I own a "sewing librairy". How cool is that? I became aware of this fact when I tried to find space for my new stuff in my already crammed shelves... Suddenly, it seems urgent I set up a cute sewing corner in my office/sewing room. Maybe I could paint a wall, add shelves, do a bit of decoration... something to make this space more inviting and creative. I'd love to display my old patterns instead of just keeping them in a box. How about you? Do you have a special way of displaying your stash? Let me know!

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