Wardrobe architect: accessories

The Wardrobe Architect
It's already week 12 of the Wardrobe Architect project! This week has us thinking about those all-important accessories we use to enhance our style. I have to admit I am not a huge decorative accessories person, mainly because they make me look too "done", like I am trying too hard. That being said, I do indulge in lovely practical accessories like glasses, bags, belts, hats, sunglasses and the odd scarf. So here is a summary of my accessory requirements.


Wardrobe Architect week 9: the capsule wardrobe

The Wardrobe Architect
You might already be aware of my undying love for the capsule wardrobe. Last spring I wanted to create a Spring-Summer wardrobe, but -alas- life took another turn and the project never really took-off. This year, however, I sense that my new-found style awareness (curtosy of the Wardrobe Architect project) has given me an advantage: i'm more in-tune with myself and have better knowledge of what I want this capsule wardrobe to represent and be. Yes, I may end up not completing the wardrobe by the end of summer, but I feel that simply having these guidelines might motivate me to sew more and plan ahead! 

Choose one to six silhouettes for the season.

Create a color palette.
I'll be using the one I made a few weeks ago. Why? First, because I LOVE these colors! Second, because I already have a few items in these colors in my wardrobe. Since this is warmer weather fashion, I will make an extra effort to include the brighter statement colors and shy away from my darker neutrals.

Break down your silhouettes and colors into a list of pieces. Organize what to make, what to buy, and what you already own.

  1. Red skinny jeans
  2. Dark wash skinny jeans
  3. Navy shorts
  4. Olive green shorts
  5. White and navy striped tank
  6. White and navy tee
  7. Shortsleeved white blouse with navy polka dot 
  8. Dark wash jean jacket
  9. Short black jacket
  10. Black tuxedo jacket  
  11. White polka-dot shirtdress (tattered...)
  12. Red and white pinstripe shirtdress
  13. Black shirtdress (color is fading)
  14. Black polka dot sweetheart dress
  15. Cerulean blue linen Cambie dress
  16. Striped flats
  17. Polka dot keds
  18. Black leather ankle combat boots
To buy
  1. Whiskey gladiators
  2. Red flats OR tan boat shoe
  3. Band t-shirts in colours other than black or white
To make
I'd like to make more casual garments like easy knit tops and woven blouses to go with shorts and jeans. A few nice casual summer dresses would really be usefull too: a few in knit and others in lightweight fabrics like cotton and seersucker.
  1. Magenta and black coton chevron dress
  2. Strappy Cambie dress
    Chevron dress: it's not as bright in person!
  3. Navysolid coton Simplicity 1803 dress view C
  4. Voile perfect dress rub-off
  5. Abstract print Kirsten Tees
  6. Batik ikat sleeveless blouse  
  7. Sleeveless printed colorful lightweight knit lady skater dress
  8. Red and white striped boatneck Coco breton shirt
  9. Colorful ikat knit dress McCalls 6073 dress
  10. Cotton Summer dress New Look 6557 view B or C
  11. Sleeveless shirtdress 6696 (color? print?)
  12. Shortsleeved shirtdress 6696 (color? print?)
I know... lots of stuff on the list, right? Also, a few things are still unclear, perticularly when it comes to color and fabrics. I think I may need more inspiration to pinpoint these down. Maybe Polyvore can help, or I can simply visit my local indie fabric shop. But it's ok if the list is long! I know I won't make or buy half of it and that is fine by me! My point is not to succeed in completing the wardrobe: it's to start sewing again, but in a more productive manner! I see the capsule wardrobe as a tool to help me focus and plan my sewing projects. I already have two garments in queue... what about you? Have you already started your spring sewing? Do share!

Well, i'm off to make a muslin for my modified Cambie dress. Toodles!


Wardrobe architect weeks 7 and 8: prints and ... beauty!

The Wardrobe ArchitectI'm still behind on the WA assignments! I have also been holding back on new sewing projects lately because I want to reap the benefits of the whole WA initiative. I really want to pick and choose my future makes so I sew less wadders. Once I get a more clear picture of what I want and need in my wardrobe, i'll go ahead and make some stuff for spring. In the meanwhile, let's catch up, shall we?

Prints and solids are the subject of week 7's exercice in which we had to :

1) Examine our favorite clothing for recurring prints
2) Write down our favorite prints
3) Update ou moodboard accordingly.

This was such a no-brainer! My closet is filled with solids, stripes and polka dot. They are my signature and I am always attracted to them. Some of my clothes were in the wash when I checked my closet, so I don't have an exact number, but I estimate I have around 15  items with polka dots and as many striped pieces of clothing, not counting shoes and coats... I have a few goemetric prints too, but mostly in black and white. I don't have many summery prints, like gingham or ikat, which I would like to wear more . Even though I have bought some medium to large scale floral prints, I never really feel good in them. Maybe some smaller flowers would do?

As for week 8's assignment, it was fairly simple: update your moodboard to include beauty and hair that fits YOU. This had us thinking about our beauty routine and what we are comfortable with when it comes to hair and makeup. I won't go into the details of my beauty routine (I think it's just too personnal!), but I did update my moodboard here

Next post, i'll be making a capsule wardrobe, which will include my future sewing projects! Huzzah!


Wardrobe Architect weeks 5 and 6: colors

The Wardrobe Architect
Today, our Wardrobe Architect assignment made us choose and organise colours we love. I have to admit this was way harder that I anticipated. My major problem is I tend to wear the same colours over and over... Black, white, red, navy, a little green here and there... Once I identified those, I was at a loss... So to help me get a better perspective, I had a gander at my closet and at my gazillon Pinterest boards to see what was a recurring theme. My silhouette uniforms from last week were also a mighty source of inspiration. Wanna see the results? After the jump!


Wardrobe architect week 4

The Wardrobe ArchitectToday's Wardrobe Architect post is about figuring out the proportions and silhouettes I feel most comfortable in. Sarai's assignment for us is to assemble 5 to 10 uniform formulas that fit the preferences we identified with our previous assignments. Mine were bold, dark, comfortable, laid back clothes that strike a balance between feminine and masculine. We have to look at the big picture and see what silhouettes we are attracted to and which ones flatter or enhance our proportions.